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RAFA Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best experience for each organization possible. We take pride in the progress we have made for our community and for communities like yours. RAFA provides the products that save you time, money and manpower.

Here at RAFA, our success is based on our employees’ dedication to excellence and their determination and commitment to achieve quality services in everything they do. Highly professional, our team commits to superior service offering exemplary customer support.

Jason P. Opferbeck Founder/President/Systems Integrator

Jason has over a decade of experience as a Department of Public Works Superintendent at the Villages of Cattaraugus and Gowanda in New York State. During his tenure at the Village of Cattaraugus Jason discovered the time and cost of maintaining and operating spring lots, wells, and sewer systems. He became frustrated with time and cost of having personnel driving to sites daily for regulatory monitoring and decided to create a better solution. Jason wanted to implement a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, but learned that typical systems were too costly for the Village budget. Along with the engineering firm, Phoenix Contact, Jason created the RAFA System at a fraction of what a standard SCADA system costs. Jason has current IIA, IIB, C and D Licenses as a New York State Department of Health Water Operator. Jason oversees the daily operations of the Company and handles the interactions with RAFA customers and leads.

Jason Opferbeck, Jr. CFO

Jason is a Certified Public Accountant, specializing in the management of RAFA Systems financial activities. He is responsible for the operations-level actions of our finance and accounting systems, including the review of past and present processes to coordinate the best possible financial decisions. Jason attended SUNY Fredonia, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public accountancy and a bachelor’s degree in finance. Prior to becoming a Chief Officer, Jason was a full-time staff accountant while simultaneously working with RAFA as a field and manufacturing technician in all aspects of GIS management, including training of other technicians.

Steve Smuda Operations Manager

Steve heads manufacturing production at the RAFA Systems facility and installation of the RAFA System product line in the field. Steve trains sales representatives, distributors, and municipal employees on all things RAFA. From the beginning stages of learning the RAFA System components to mastering machine to machine interface – Steve provides education for all operating levels. Before RAFA Systems, Steve was the Public Works Superintendent for the Village of South Dayton which also includes being the Water and Wastewater Operator. Current licenses include IIB, C and D Water License issued by New York State Department of Health and also a Grade 1 Wastewater license issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Barbara Opferbeck Human Resources

Barb attends to the daily Human Resources, organization, and payroll requirements. She is responsible for compensation and benefits for RAFA Systems employees, maximizing productivity of the organization. Before RAFA, Barb was the Project Administrator for SLR Contracting & Services, Co. where she created contracts and oversaw daily business operations.

Cortney WilkinsMarketing Specialist

Cortney is responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans for RAFA Systems. She specializes in creating marketing materials and designing work for our website and other marketing platforms. Cortney is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management. Prior to working with RAFA, she specialized in material management in the USAF and has 7 years of diverse marketing, logistic, and customer service experience.

Eleigh Beverly Administrative Assistant

Eleigh is responsible for the overall organization of the company, including scheduling training dates and maintaining employee calendars. Eleigh attended SUNY Canton, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, giving a more professional view to client communication. Prior to RAFA, Eleigh held the position of data entry for a manufacturing plant and has worked in customer service positions for over a decade.


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