RAFA System + Diamond Maps

The RAFA System software is 100% web-based and Diamond Maps™ is SaaS/Cloud-based software. What does this mean to you? It means you are not required to install any software, invest in expensive servers or pay for IT staff. Plus, both systems are FREE with every RAFA System unit for the 1st year, thereafter, affordable annual subscriptions are required.

The interface of both systems was designed specifically to give operators, engineers and managers the ability to easily view alarms, analyze trends and create reports from their critical equipment and machinery. With Diamond Maps™ you are able to manage and locate each RAFA System geographically and access the RAFA System’s website.


  • Alarm History
  • Exporting Data and Reports to PDF, XLS (Excel) & DOC (Word)
  • Flexible Notification Scheduling
  • Graphing, Charting and Reporting
  • Interactive Mapping via Diamond Maps™
  • Notifications via Text and Email
  • Pump Data & Influent Reports

The RAFA System software along with Diamond Maps™ provides powerful, intuitive, and graphical interfaces which allows users to manage their systems over the internet on any computer or mobile device. A computer novice can become an expert with our easy to use systems.

Setup and Use in Minutes

Initial setup of the RAFA System website and Diamond Maps™ is quick and easy. Within minutes, you will be creating graphs, exporting data, performing advanced data analysis and more – and you won’t need to be a software engineer to do it!

Access Your Equipment 24/7/365

Cloud and Web-based technology makes it possible to monitor your equipment and stations any day, any time, from your computer or mobile device. With increasing environmental, financial and safety concerns, the RAFA System and Diamond Maps™ gives operators, engineers and managers peace of mind that their equipment is working properly!

Mobile Applications

The RAFA System website is available via Diamond Maps™ and does not require an App. Simply go to your web browser, Login and you’re connected. Both systems are 100% compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Simple to Use

The RAFA System website is simple to use, while providing best in class functionality. Accessing the site from a mobile device or a computer gives you the same functionality. We believe in full access wherever you are.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The RAFA System website and Diamond Maps™ allows access to monitor and control your equipment any time and any day from any computer or mobile device.

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RAFA 1 - Request a Demo

We would like to extend the opportunity for you to explore the RAFA 1 Portal – See below for the website, username, and password to login to start exploring!

Website: portal.rafasystems.com
Email: rafaone@rafasystems.com
Password: rafaone

Our customized credits-based data packages start at only $96.00 per year ($8/mo). Please give us a call to schedule a one on one demonstration and work with us to customize a reporting package. (716) 258-9396