RAFA Control System

The RAFA is a powerful system of software and hardware elements
that allows organizations to:

  1. Control processes locally or at remote locations
  2. Monitor, gather and process real-time data
  3. Directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors and more…
  4. Record events

Maintaining and achieving quality standards at:

Water & Wastewater
Treatment Plants

Energy Facilities

Oil Refineries

The RAFA System is crucial for water and sewer, landfill, industrial, energy, oil and gas, power and other organizations to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime. Our system works well in all of these industries and more due to its limitless capabilities. When fully implemented, the RAFA System becomes the team you need to efficiently run your system as it prevents disastrous outcomes by providing you the information needed to be proactive.

We have dedicated our work to producing effective systems which result in significant savings of time and money for your organization. The heart of the RAFA System is a reliable, flexible, and powerful local controller/datalogger that monitors and controls with customized options that you choose!

Water Treatment Plants

    • Starts/Stops Pumps, Based on Level
    • Adds Disinfectant(s) and Corrosion Inhibitor(s)
    • Monitors Disinfectant Levels and Turbidity

Sewer Pump Stations

    • Start/Stops Pumps, Based on Level
    • Records Diverted Flow
    • Adds Chemicals, When Needed

Industrial Wastewater

    • Starts/Stops Pumps, Based on Level
    • pH Adjustment
    • TSS Control
    • Records Discharge Flo

We add web-based communications that allows remote connectivity to the device to check operations and adjust set points without visiting the work site. The RAFA processes, distributes, and displays multiple data options, easily allowing operators and managers to analyze data and make important decisions, saving valuable time and money!

Typical parameters recorded and reported are:

  1. Power Failure
  2. Pump Run Time
  3. Tank Level
  4. Water Temperature
  5. Electrical Current Flow
  6. Water Flow Rate & Total

The RAFA System is not limited to standard/predefined parameters, it can be CUSTOMIZED, as needed.

Water Type Monitors Control
Drinking Water Chlorine Tubidity Chemical Feed Tank Level Corrosion Flow Chemical Pumps, Well Pumps/Motors VFD’s
Wastewater Flow Wet Well Level Dissolved Oxygen Suspended Solids Chemical Feed Overflows Pump Stations Chemical Pumps VFD’s
Leachate Flow Level Dissolved Solids Suspended Solids pH Pump Stations Chemical Pumps VFD’s


Wireless Connection

  • 24/7 Monitoring – View/Change Setpoints
  • Instant Alarming – Can set Which/When/Why
  • Built-in Datalog – Great for Reporting/Gaining Knowledge of system
  • On-line Graphing – Easy way to see trending patterns

Live View

  • Text Alerts
  • Status Reports

Graph and Log Data, Events, and System Processes

  • Daily Status Report – Totals, averages, minimums, and maximums
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Datalog Reports – All data collected in 5-60 minute intervals

*Note: RAFA 600 & 900 Series have a 90 day memory and also comes with a USB port so any lost data can be downloaded directly out of the system.


RAFA System – Payback (Break Even) Calculation

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