Remote Monitoring

The perfect remote monitoring & recording solution!

– Instant Pump Alarm Notifications
– Datalogging for Remote Equipment

The RAFA System is dependable and reliable! Our clients consist of Commercial Businesses and Municipalities that trust and depend on the RAFA System.

Our cellular telemetry powered remote monitoring device provides datalogging and live monitoring w/ historical record keeping in one easy to use system. With the RAFA System, you obtain the highest level of reliability and service along with an economical solution that saves your business time and money!

Compare Our Costs vs Other Systems

When compared to SCADA Systems that include up-front fees, annual system maintenance, controller upgrades and software licenses, the RAFA System saves organizations thousands of dollars. Stop wasting time and money on other systems and switch to the RAFA System!

Download our Worksheets to Calculate Your Cost Savings

RAFA System vs. SCADA/Other Systems
RAFA System vs. Phone Dialers

Integrate with an Existing System

The RAFA System can act as an economical backup or expansion to your traditional SCADA system, without forfeiting features or service. From backup controls to datalogging and live alarm notifications, the RAFA System can fit almost any project and budget. Just install the RAFA System on your equipment and you’re a part of the nation’s #1 cellular network.

Quick and Easy Installation

The RAFA System makes installation in the field fast and efficient. Our system can be installed in hours compared to weeks or months for a traditional SCADA installation. The savings for installation alone makes the logical decision to choose RAFA Systems. Our system is easy to install, almost anyone can perform the installation.

All Software is Included

All software included means exactly that! Once the installation is completed on site, simply log in to Diamond Maps™ to access the RAFA System’s secured website. It’s that simple, all software is already installed and ready to use.

Cloud Based System

The RAFA System is completely Cloud-Based via Diamond Maps™. Cloud-Based means all software and data is stored outside of your facility and on a remote secure server. This saves you time, money and energy as you do not have to concern yourself about software, servers and IT staff.

Remote Locations

RAFA Systems provides operators the ability to communicate with remote locations using secure Verizon / AT&T routers with VPN tunnels and/or dedicated internet/wi-fi service.

Alarm Notifications and Datalogging

Using the local cellular network and Deadband Alarms, the RAFA System automatically logs every state change that triggers an alarm. Live alerts are sent to each device you have setup the RAFA System. Live alerts are sent from each device you have setup in the RAFA System. The notifications are programmed to send out a text, email or phone call. Our system specializes in customization, whether you want notifications immediately or want certain notifications delayed, the RAFA System is limitless.

Access Data & Information

When You Want & Need To
With the RAFA System, you have live access 24/7. Access Diamond Maps™ and obtain your information from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. The RAFA System allows you to customize the information you want from current and historical alerts, notifications, live data and running reports anytime you need. In addition to customization, the RAFA System collects valuable information, so your organization can make informed decisions which saves time and money.

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Our customized credits-based data packages start at only $96.00 per year ($8/mo). Please give us a call to schedule a one on one demonstration and work with us to customize a reporting package. (716) 258-9396