Affordability meets practicality with this easy-to-use system. Daily site visits to pump houses, reservoirs, filter plants, etc. can now be a thing of the past. All processes and information are stored and accessed via web-based interactive programs so operators can have instant access to real-time data.


The RAFA Mini is the carrier-approved solution platform that delivers device connectivity, security and processing power. Our system is quick and cost-effective to implement for any industrial, water, or wastewater monitoring needs.

RAFA m2m

The RAFA m2m allows you to communicate with your system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Maintain, control, edit, customize and monitor two or more systems right from home or office.

RAFA Portal

The RAFA 1 Portal provides unique customizing capabilities give users the ability to respond to and clear alarms, control on/off functions, run times, and monitor temperatures, levels, flow, chemical dosing, and more. Users can add or adjust relays, cameras, sensors, inputs and outputs via web-based dashboard on cell phone, tablet, or computer.

RAFA 1 - Request a Demo

We would like to extend the opportunity for you to explore the RAFA 1 Portal – See below for the website, username, and password to login to start exploring!

Password: rafaone

Our customized credits-based data packages start at only $96.00 per year ($8/mo). Please give us a call to schedule a one on one demonstration and work with us to customize a reporting package. (716) 258-9396

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